Couples Counselling and You

The aim of couples counselling is to provide both of you with a confidential opportunity for you to explore your thoughts and feelings in safety, to assist your learning, healing, understanding and growth.

MY role is to help you through this process but WE will create the direction of our work together.

Couples counselling has both risks and benefits. You risk experiencing uncomfortable feelings as well as having to examine your contribution to the difficulties you are having with your partner/person you are bringing to counselling.

Couples counselling cannot guarantee the happiness and longevity of your relationship but it can benefit you greatly by bringing an increase in understanding of each other and by helping to change the patterns that have come between you.

For couple counselling to bring about these benefits you both:

  • Attend all the sessions together. If you arrive separately, the session will not start until you both arrive.
  • Agree that there is a difficulty/ies affection your relationship
  • Are committed to the counselling process and are able to devote time and energy to your relationship outside of the sessions
  • Agree that there is no current physical violence in the relationship and that you will both treat each other, and me, with respect during the sessions.


I charge £55 per session for Couples Counselling.