How can I help you?

Everybody is different and people express themselves in different ways. Some people want to talk. Others find it difficult to talk about what is bothering them straight away and need to draw, use clay or photographs of their life to open up what is happening with them.

It is important that you express yourself in the way you want to, so I take time to find out how we can best work together, and how you are most comfortable expressing yourself.

Whatever you bring, and however we choose to work together; you will be received with warmth, without judgement and with honesty.

Counselling sessions last one hour long, usually on a weekly basis, and cost £45 each.

I do not do stand alone Hypnotherapy sessions but use Hypnotherapy within our Counselling or Psychotherapy sessions, if we both feel this is appropriate.

We can work together for as long as we both agree. However, I like to regularly review our work together to make sure you are in the right place for you.