Welcome to my first blog!

Hello everyone,

Welcome!  I want my website to be more interactive; to give clients and anybody else who happened to stumble across this an opportunity to have their say about things that interest them and subjects they might want to know more about.  So – every now and then I’ll be writing about a subject that people have asked me about – either in therapy, or elsewhere, or that I’ve pondered about, and I’ll be asking people to give their ideas what they would like to see an article, tips, strategies, good websites or books on.

My first post will be about Motivation.  I think that it’s timely now because any New Year Resolutions are either working well for us, or are in the “well, that didn’t work, did it?” pile..  “Are you sure I said I’d do that?  I’m sure – ahem – you must be mistaken…”

It’s funny how something that can be so full of hope to start off with may sometimes after a few weeks feel like failures mocking us…(ha – knew you couldn’t do it!)  BUT you can!!  And you will.  But only if you want to.  And that’s the important bit.

I’ll write some more about this shortly.  But first, a bit more about me.

I’m a Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist working in the West Bridgford area.  I decided to become a Counsellor many years ago, following the death of my late husband from Cancer when our daughter was very small.  His illness and death and the emotional, physical and financial fallout following that was horrendous.  It unleashed in me a whole range of emotions and thoughts and behaviours that felt almost impossible to manage.  I just felt that if I could just try not to think about it, or even better to go to sleep for two years and then wake up and it would all be over – that would be the answer!

But it doesn’t work like that.  Emotions don’t go away.  They fester.  They find another way of expressing themselves – either in illness or exhaustion or simply problems with organising our lives.  They speak to us even when we try our very hardest to shut them away in another room.  Eventually, I began therapy, and a few years later, therapy training.

It was a journey.  And my experiences of feeling suicidal, of immense grief and loss and change and where I thought I was heading in life have been invaluable to the work I do now.  It’s a journey for us all.  That’s why my picture on the front of my webpage at www.samanthahillyertherapies.co.uk is of a boat, taking it’s occupants somewhere.

But where?  Where are you on your journey?  Are you in the boat, raring to go?  On the shore, wishing that you could pluck up the courage to step into the boat, or do you feel that you’ve been on this particular boat for years and you’ve just been going round and round in circles?  Maybe you feel that if you could just do x, y and z then the boat could go full speed ahead.

Your thoughts?

With warmth,  Samantha ….




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  • Sunshine

    Hi Samantha, the new website & new blog are great. Thank you for sharing your personal journey with us, it is very inspiring, thank you. I find that feeling motivated freq comes and goes, I keep stepping in and sitting down and then getting up and out of the boat, lol, on a loop and it has been like this for a longtime. Looking at issues on a deeper level are helping me, I’ve recently started to venture out a little, using the paddles, just traveling a little and then rushing back to shore, lol. I don’t know how long it will take for me to get going, but after making it this far I know that it is within my capabilities




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