You are worth your own heart…

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and the Internet was awash with declarations of love from one person to another. But what about love for ourselves? Surely this time of year is a wonderful time to declare that love for ourselves. If you are reading this, know with every fibre of your being that you are worth Continue reading »

Grief and Loss Associated with Miscarriage & Fertility Problems

Grief and Loss Associated with Miscarriage & Problems With Fertility –How Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy Can Help On the 17th July, I was the guest speaker at the Nottingham Miscarriage Support Group talking about how Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy can help the grief and loss associated with miscarriage and problems with fertility.  Here is that talk:- Psychotherapy Continue reading »

Calling all women – do you go Gaga over your body?

A few weeks ago, the pop star, Lady Gaga appeared in concert in Amsterdam, to a frenzy of media interest.  What controversial thing had she done this time?  This is a woman who has consistently worn fur and paraded around in a dress and shoes made entirely of meat; simulated oral sex on stage followed Continue reading »